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DevOps Cafe hosted by John Willis and Damon Edwards

James Turnbull joins John and Damon to chat about monitoring, automation, and the changing art of operations. In addition to his current work as a practitioner (Kickstarter) and past as vendor (Puppet Labs), you might also have read some of James's popular books on Monitoring, Puppet, Logstash, Docker, and Linux.

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Justin Cormack (Unikernel Systems / Docker) joins John and Damon to discuss the rise of unikernels, containers, microservices, serverless, and other trends that are threatening to change not only what our systems look like, but how we interact with them.

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John and Damon welcome back the always insightful Patrick Debois to get his practitioner point of view of going "serverless", delivering mobile apps, and the continued evolution of DevOps.  

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Mark Imbriaco (Operable) returns to discuss the changing role of Operations, ChatOps, and more.  

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Damon turns the tables and interviews John. The wide ranging conversations hits on everything from containers, to Docker, to microservices, to immutable infrastructure, to unikernals, and the impact of it all. 

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