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Puppet Conf

Hadoop Meetup Atl

Lumberyard on github


CloudFoundry with PostgreSQL

Gosling Leaves Google

Does Google Get the Enterprise - Who Cares?

The Meat to Math Ration

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How they use Dell Pweredge C servers hardware/Chef/ Crowbar and Openstack

Dell finance attract to a new growing business unit...

Can any cloud catch Amazon Web Services?

  A deveopers cloud... 

  Self Service....

  RDS,ELB,ElasticCache,SQS,SNS hard to keep up 

  PaaS vs IaaS.. devs who like to push the boundies... locked into frameworks,,,

  Spot instances... 

  Operational experience... 

vFarbric Data Director

req esx esxi

Moving up the stack... 

Policy based self service of data bases

postgresql.. sybase and EMC's greenplum

 vFabric Postgres free for non production

DBaaS will be important – “self service” isn’t a word applied to the world of databases today for the most part.   Developers turn to strange alternatives when there isn’t a simple path for them to develop what they want…


vsphere for databases..

optimized for vsphere 5..


greenplumb hadoop.. oracle... 

full external api... 

backup and cloning abilities..

create replica of databases.. schmea backup schedule...’s CloudStack Goes 100% Open Source


The system combines the use of WebSockets and the new AMQP plugin for collectd 5.0.0 to achieve a data display update rate in the browser of two times per second

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Todays' episode

Devops requires a cultural change to failure... Failure is the new black..

turned failure into success

"Failure is not an option," Gene Kranz

Stop Wasting Money On WebLogic, WebSphere, And JBoss Application Servers

Mike Gualtieri at Forester\Use tomcat it's free...


Amazon S3 Bucket Public Access Considerations

Different access control options in Amazon S3 and helps you choose the best option for your use case



A little tricky w/ the keys setup... also wrote a simple #chef recipe to install it...


Chef-gelf by jellybob

Provides a Chef handler which can report run status, including any changes that were made, to a Graylog2 server. In the case of failed runs a backtrace will be included in the details reported.


Forget Chef or Puppet – Automate with Sprinkle

argument is that a simple non large VPS's doesn't need to fat Puppet and Chef. agentless...

lot of foo-bar examples....


Dry run Chef...

Adam makes a great case for why noop dones't work well with #chef .. lie to me mode....


IT Skeptic....

I like Rob alot and I need not take it personally; however, I fell if you attack Devops you are attacking me... 

Lame arguments.  


Doesn't scale...

Super race of sysadmins

And we have tools so far up out ass...

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Randy's chart on  IT paradigms and architectures are evolving. #cloudscaling

Fission is a simple command line tool for managing VMware Fusion VMs.

Pencil is a monitoring frontend for graphite.

How we found the file that was used to Hack RSA

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances - A Flop?

Noah and the Devops Dude of the week...

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Today's episode...

Amazon AWS Import of VMware, XenServer and HyperV images

PHP, Python and Dhjango support in CloudFoundry

Short but sweet Steve Jobs stories

Rackspace Openstack training

Big Data (CLoudera, Hortonworks and DataStax)

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Today's eposide...

Cloudfoundry Micro

McCloud and Veewee

Dyninc Shoutout

Dell Webinar on Crowbar and Openstack

Engine yard buys a PHP PaaS

LUke's ReadWriteWeb artcle and Puppetlabs survey

Windows the Devops Ghetto. 

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Today's episode:

Opscode Cookbook Contest

Amozon's ElasticCache

Deploying OpenStack

The Big Data Invasion

Why Software is Eating the World

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Show Notes....

Shout out from devops weekly.. huge fan..

Devstructure and cloudformation... 

Puppet conf ..  cool speakers... cool events... podcast table... ops as a stag weapon...

Everything is a freaking DNS problem . evops Devops Devops at Froscon

Service Orchestration

Ensemble from Canonical

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Today's episode includes: Dynect API's

Opscode Training

Devstructure Blueprint (Reverse Eng an OS) 

Jesse Robbins Awesomeness 

Groupon Greed

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Today's episode includes:






Devops Cookbook

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First Installment of the new Devops Drop series...


Joyent SmartOS


Top Line ROI

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