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DevOps Cafe hosted by John Willis and Damon Edwards

John and Damon catch-up with Brandon Burton (Mozilla) to talk about his DevOps journey, the upcoming SCALE conference, and how DevOps patterns are really Lean patterns and apply everywhere.

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DevOps Cafe Ep. 48 - Guest: JR Rivers

JR Rivers (Cumulus Networks) joins John and Damon for a chat about an approach to networking equipment that challenges the conventional thinking that the hardware and the software must come tightly bundled together from the same vendor. What does that mean for cost? managability? choice? and the ability to move faster?

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John and Damon are joined by our largest panel of guests yet. What do they all have in common? The DevOps track at the upcoming QCon London 2014. Find out what these speakers will be talking about and what the thought process was behind putting together this track. Guests are Dave Farley, Daniel Schauenberg, Robert Benefield, Shane Hastie, Manuel Pais.

If you want to go to QCon (March 5-7) you can use the code EDWA100 and save £100:

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