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Why do disasters happen? How can they be avoided? Professor and noted author, Sidney Dekker, chats with John and Damon about the interaction of humans and complex systems.  

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Tom Limoncelli (StackExchange) joins John and Damon to chat about the history and future of systems administration and operations as a craft and culture. Tom's books and community involvement are also discussed.

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Gene Kim is back... and this time the tables are turned! Gene plays host and interviews John and Damon about DevOps in the Enterprise (or anybody that has large organizational complexity and scale)

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Mandi Walls joins John and Damon to chat about the perspectives and insights she has gained through her journeys in  the DevOps movement... from a practitioner in high-scale web operations... to well-known community member... to working with customers as a tools vendor (Chef).

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Matt Ho (Loyal3) and Alex Honor (DTO Solutions and SimplifyOps) join John and Damon to chat about how financial services startup Loyal3 got through the growing pains and transformed into a nimble and scalable organization... all in the face of tight regulations and compliance concerns. Lots of Lean thinking and smart use of off-the-shelf tooling. A good story for startups and enterprises alike. 

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John and Damon are joined by Michael Coté and Jay Lyman from The 451 Group to get an analyst view of DevOps and the enterprise. Also discussed is Jay and Cote's historical involvement with the DevOps movement. 

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John and Damon welcome Adrian Cockcroft to the show to discuss the lessons he's learned along his journey from Sun to eBay to Nextflix to Battery Ventures. Adrian talks about building resilient systems, company culture, micro-services, containers, the cloud... and how they are all intertwined. 

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John and Damon catch-up with Brandon Burton (Mozilla) to talk about his DevOps journey, the upcoming SCALE conference, and how DevOps patterns are really Lean patterns and apply everywhere.

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DevOps Cafe Ep. 48 - Guest: JR Rivers

JR Rivers (Cumulus Networks) joins John and Damon for a chat about an approach to networking equipment that challenges the conventional thinking that the hardware and the software must come tightly bundled together from the same vendor. What does that mean for cost? managability? choice? and the ability to move faster?

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John and Damon are joined by our largest panel of guests yet. What do they all have in common? The DevOps track at the upcoming QCon London 2014. Find out what these speakers will be talking about and what the thought process was behind putting together this track. Guests are Dave Farley, Daniel Schauenberg, Robert Benefield, Shane Hastie, Manuel Pais.

If you want to go to QCon (March 5-7) you can use the code EDWA100 and save £100:

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Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, joins John and Damon for a chat about Docker (the project) and Docker (the company).

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