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DevOps Cafe hosted by John Willis and Damon Edwards

John and Damon chat with Randy Shoup (Stitch Fix) about what he's learned building high-scale systems and teams through multiple generations of technology and practices... and how he is doing it again today.

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John and Damon chat with Barbara Bouldin about her first-hand view of the good -- and the ugly -- through the past few decades of the technology industry. From Bell Labs to the breakup of AT&T ("Ma Bell") to enterprise software to transforming government agencies today, Barbara's journey has been an interesting one.

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Alan Shimel ( joins John and Damon for a freewheeling conversation that draws connections between DevOps transformations and Alan's background in the security, investment, and publishing industries. 

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Patrick Chanezon (Docker) chats with John and Damon about trends that are changing how Developers work.

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John and Damon chat with Kelsey Hightower (Google) about the future of Operations, Kubernetes, Docker, containers, self-learning, and more!

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John and Damon pick Courtney Kissler’s brain (Starbucks) on the techniques that enable her to be a hands-on technology leader with a track record for getting teams to find and fix what is getting in the way.

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