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DevOps Cafe hosted by John Willis and Damon Edwards

In this special episode, John interviews Damon about Damon's #DOES15 presentation, "DevOps Kaizen: Practical Steps to Start & Sustain a Transformation".

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John and Damon chat with researcher, data scientist, and IT operational performance expert, Dr. Nicole Forsgren. Nicole answers John and Damon's questions about the 2015 State of DevOps Report, highlights the areas that are groundbreaking, and gives advice on how to leverage it when you need to make the case for DevOps.

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Josh Corman (Sonatype, Rugged DevOps, I am the Cavalry) joins John and Damon for a chat about why security means more than preventing theft and can't be separated from quality, why the software supply chain can literally be about life or death, wanting to be a superhero, burnout, and more.

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John and Damon talk to Mary and Tom Poppendieck about their groundbreaking work translating Lean product development principles to software development, "The Seven Deadly Sins", containers to reduce friction, their best-selling books, and what keeps them from actually retiring.

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Jody Mulkey (CTO, Ticketmaster) joins John and Damon to talk about the ups and downs of transforming a global enterprise. Topics include: Applying lean product development, building the alignment with the right metrics, finding your way to inspiring the organization, new operating models, facing burnout, and trying to be the Chief Obstacle Remover.

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John and Damon chat with Paula Trasher (CSC) about her work changing organizational behavior while simultaniousy getting the job done... and doing so in the face of classic government bureaucracy... and then going back for more.

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John and Damon chat with Dave McCrory (CTO, Basho) about Data Gravity, the demands of Internet of Things, PaaS in the enterprise, and more.

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John and Damon chat with Zoran Perkov, one of the stars of Michael Lewis's hit book, Flash Boys. They discuss operations when milliseconds are a competitve advantage and a 22 second outage grabs global headlines. Simplicity and "complicated vs complex" is also discussed.

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In the 2015 return of DevOps Cafe, John and Damon catch-up on a wide range of topics. Yes, Docker and microservices come up... but so does organizational change, Conway's law, burnout, and more.

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