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John and Damon have a long form conversation with Andrew Clay Shafer that goes everywhere from DevOps, to Cloud, to Lean, to a trip down startup memory lane.

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Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft) join John and Damon for a chat about bringing DevOps ideas into a classic organization like Microsoft, inventing PowerShell, automating in a Windows environment, reaching out to open source tool makers, and a trip down systems management memory lane.

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Second annual live PuppetConf episode. Panelists were James Turnbull (Puppet Labs), Richard Newman (Reliant Security), Kris Buytaert (Inuits), Ken Barber (Puppet Labs), John Willis (Entratus), and Damon Edwards (DTO Solutions).

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No guests this episode... just John and Damon catching up after PuppetConf, Velocity Europe, DevOps Days Rome, and more. It's a long conversation about a variety of topics. The next episode will feature a guest and a return to the interview format. 

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Jez Humble joins John and Damon for a chat about DevOps, the history of Continuous Delivery, leadership, and changing culture.  

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John and Damon catch up with Joe Williams to chat about life inside a SaaS infrastructure. The conversation ranges from lessons learned, to Joe's latest favorite technology, to what it's like working at Boundary. 

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John and Damon chat with Simon Wardley about DevOps, the Cloud, and the nature of competitive advantage between companies. In Simon's usual style, he bridges the gap between the practical and the deep theoretical. 

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Time to talk Kanban! John and Damon go straight to the Kanban source in a chat with David J. Anderson and Dominica DeGrandis. Topics include why Kanban works, where it came from, and where it is going.

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John and Damon are live in Tokyo where they are joined by Jay Hotta (Creationline) for a quick chat about DevOps Days Tokyo. Be sure not to miss the part about the literal translation of "DevOps".

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Live from ChefConf 2012, John and Damon sit down for a roundtable discussion with Adam Jacob, Jesse Robbins, Chris Brown, and Mitch Hill. Recorded in front of a live studio audience.

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