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Devops tools fools and other smart things 

-Craftsman vs artist...

-It’s not about the tools it’s about the craftsmanship

-Tools as objects to think with

-Create places and spaces to create boundary objects

-Boundary objects give way to technical debt...

-Craftsman swaps (Week) Craftsman journey (week)... 

-Automation free up time to do more design... 


Evolving Continuous Deliver - Chris Read (GotoCon 2011) 

What we were told... (the ROE)

-Single Source Repository

-Automate Build and Testing

-Publish Latest Distributable

-Every Commit Builds

-Test in Production Like Environment

-Keep Builds Fast

-Use Information Radiators

-Automate Deployment

-Build Binary Once

-Promote Binary Through Stages

Initial State

-Releasing daily from developer

-workstations to production

-No Continuous Integration!

-Using Fig for dependency management

Stage 1 

-Standardize and Re-factor the build scripts

- Add Continuous Integration server

-Set up an Information Radiator

Later Stages....

-Sideline the Continuous Integration loop

-Bake the Continuous Integration safeties

into the deployment scripts

-Automate server builds

-Start to scale services out

-Fracture services out into stacks

-Stage the binaries

-Fast rollbacks

-1 Week to 30 minutes... 

-Requires architectural vision & discipline

-Short code half life & unix philosophy

-Minimize risk by co-locating customers

-Prodigious monitoring


Information radiator

An Information radiator is a display posted in a place where people can see it as they work or walk by. It shows readers information they care about without having to ask anyone a question. This means more communication with fewer interruptions.


Launch EC2 Spot Instances in a Virtual Private Cloud 

We've combined two popular AWS features, Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). You can now create a private, isolated section of the AWS cloud and make requests for Spot Instances to be launched within it.

Launching Spot Instances into Amazon VPC requires special capacity behind the scenes, which means that the Spot Price for Spot Instances in an Amazon VPC will float independently from those launched outside of Amazon VPC.


IBM to Acquire System Software Company Platform Computing to Extend Reach of Technical Computing 

Clusters, Grids and Clouds... 

IBM is a weird bird.. They buy overpriced companies just before they are about to go obsolete.  Cognos... Big Data?  Platform Computing... Cycle Computing.. Openstack.. 

Either they are stupid or they run the numbers and release there is money to make in the interim.. 

IBM's recent acquisitions (last 3 yrs) seem to be untimely unlike their prior 10 years...


Opscode Community Summit

Nov 29 & 30 2011 Seattle

-What is the roadmap for Opscode & Chef?-

-What must we do to expand & thrive?-

-What best practices have emerged & how should we share them?

-How will our community grow while serving experts and welcoming newcomers?

-What should the Opscode Conference & other events in 2012 cover?


Russian Nginx raises $3 million from international investors 

Russian company Nginx raised $3 million from German BV Capital, Russian Runa Capital andMSD Capital, Michael Dell‘s venture fund, as reported by RBK Daily.

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Untethered, CFEngine hitches a lift on Android

The latest chapter of this story is the touching of two branches of this freedom: the internet information ecology and mobile communications. We are talking, of course, about smartphones and their heavier brethren `pads'. What about configuration management of these devices?

-encryption of memory,

-pin code or password protection,

-software updates, 

-application version control, are pressing.

Open Source android does not allow the notion of a privileged monitor on which most management frameworks are built.

 CFEngine has an andriod prototype.. 

Android 2.2 introduces support for enterprise applications by


The next five years of cloud and client computing, Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu - YouTube

Mark Shuttleworth....  Get past the initial introductions in French.. then initial talk about tablets and smart devices... About 1/2 of the way in the data center...

Lingua Franca-  http for api's, Iaas for cloud, openstack as the apache of cloud.

Leadership is key factor from spinning out of control.. 

Virt platofrms... 

virt ... kvm .... standard virt platform... 

lxc .. containers ... (trade isolation fro performance)  trusted workloads choice lxc... 

Ubuntu ... Openstack work with LXC...

Cloudfoundry.... savy move... generic harness for PaaS... bridging layer...   

Openstack.. Cloudfoundry ... 

Efficiency... ARM... ARM in the datacenter.  Ubuntu 11.10 first widely release Ubuntu that will treat ARM as a first class

power density, performance density.. 

Human scalability...

  Ops became much more of an eng/dev opposed to maint.. server rations up 10 to 20x

1 to 10k or higher in the future... 

How to scale in non flat orgs (legacy IT) .. Chef and Puppet... Spray it... 

Devops... Defining the language that we speak.. turnover... 

New service deployment... Config doesn't address.  Which 10k machines need that change..what order

Key driver .. scaling CM.. "Service Orchestration"  blurs the line between IaaS and PaaS.. Juju.. Ubuntu means Humans. Juju means super natural humans..

pkg metaphor...  for services... like a package knows where all the pieces for a software pkgs need to go juju knows where all the 

In the next five years everything will change except the beauty of paris... 


Multi-Platform Messaging with RabbitMQ

Rob Harrop 

5 different Languages and two different protocols...  

Java2days 2009 - Java Concurrency in 5 Languages ( Scala, Java, Erlang, Clojure, Groovy).

Rob Harrop demoes how to use RabbitMQ from a variety of languages (Java, Python, Ruby and Erlang) and different environments using AMQP and STOMP to achieve for multi-platform communication.

4 Languages... 

Java, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Erlang, and Telnet....

RabbitMQ is naitivly multiprotocal . stomp, amqp. .... 

Great overview of RabbitMQ... 

Most important thing in RabbotMQ is it is not JMS.   Forget what you know about JMS and re-discover...


Java Consumer to Pyhton publisher... w/AMQP

Java Consumer to Erlang publisher... w/AMQP


STOMP Adapter (ActiveMQ) 

Ruby Consumner Telnet publisher 

Then gets xrazy... 

Multiple languages ruby, telnet, NodeJS... 


NodeJS and SocketIO to link RabbitMQ and Node together...

Recommend book for Javascript 

JavaScript: The Good Parts

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Got open source cloud storage? Red Hat buys Gluster

-Red Hat’s $136m acquisition of open source storage vendor Gluster marks Red Hat’s biggest buy since JBoss

-GWOS and Zenoss rumors... 

-Given its recent quarterly earnings report and topping the $1 billion annual revenue mark, Red Hat seems again to be bucking the bad economy.


1 Million User Party: Mon Oct 17 in SF

Openbar till 11pm... Wish I could be there.... 


2012 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition & FOG

Wesley Beary


Grand Prize (1 Million Yen)

Outstanding Performance Awards (100,000 Yen)


Ubuntu and the Cloud...

Ubuntu Orchestra

JUJU using LXC on a Laptop .. can run it in virtulization.. openstack or EC2.... 

In the front of the stage, we have a portable rack of servers (a 40-core Intel Emerald Ridge, a 24-core HP Proliant, a 16-core Dell Precision, with a System76 local Ubuntu mirror, and Cisco networking hardware).  We've used Ubuntu Orchestra to remotely install the systems, and we've deployed OpenStack to the rack.  Once OpenStack is running, Clint has a series of Hadoop jobs that he spins up and runs against dozens of instances on the local Nova compute node.  And for the real whiz-bang, Clint uses gource for dynamic visualization of the Hadoop cluster, the various nodes, and their relationships.  It is absolutely stunning to behold!

To get started download the image from:

Ubuntu 11.10 Oct 13...


Open Stack Summit Summary...

Matt Ray... Bell of the ball.... I worked my ass off to hire him at Opscode... 

Ironic story... 

User adoption is really taking off, and we’ll be hearing from MercardoLibre, CERN, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Fidelity, Disney, and NeCTAR Summit...

Rackspace’s intention to form an OpenStack Foundation in 2012

-organizations backing OpenStack is now well over 110, including industry giants such as Cisco, HP, and Dell.

-Clouscaling, Piston and Nebula

-Techstars recently announced an incubator program for Cloud start ups

-User adoption is really taking off, and we’ll be hearing from MercardoLibre, CERN, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Fidelity, Disney, and NeCTAR

-HP using Openstack huge contributor... 

-They also plan on posting their own Chef cookbooks and apparently they have their own crowbar like implementation. 

-Dell w/Crowbar was giving demos... 

Complete list for blueprints...

Git support for gt/jenkins....


Windows Registry-based Idempotence Check with Chef

registry_helper.rb is used to check for an already installed product... 


Puppet vs. Chef, Fight!

If you aren't yet using Puppet or Chef for managing your *nix infrastructure, you should seriously consider it.

The Criteria

-Community Strength


-Corporate Adoption

-Technical Merits

-Hands-on Experience

Community Size

Number of people on IRC on Sunday Oct 9th, 2011 10 AM GMT

#puppet   541 users

#chef       233 users

Mailing Lists

puppet-users  3363 members, 5961 topics

chef: 600 members, # of topics unknown

Quality of Cookbook Sites

Github Repositories:

puppet:  1622 repositories

chef:      1299 repositories

 Pro Puppet, by Puppet Labs engineer James Turnbull, is an awesome introduction to Puppet. I found it immensely helpful. There is a 50-page O'Reilly publication on Chef, Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef, but it cannot match the breadth of Pro Puppet...


Luke... I spoke to Luke .. he told me he actually put a lot of efford into becoming a CEO... 

Scott Johnston new VP or Product and Marketing

Director, Product Management, New Business Ventures atCisco Systems

Director, Customer Operations at Loudcloud

Director, Product Management at Geocast Network Systems

Director, Product Management, Web/Application Servers atNetscape

 Partner at Alloy Ventures


Opscode now has Mitch Hill: Chief Executive Officer

8 guys to almost 1bill exit...

Opscode has battery and Puppet kliener perkins

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New - Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption for Data at Rest

Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption handles all encryption, decryption, and key management in a totally transparent fashion. When you PUT an object and request encryption (in an HTTP header supplied as part of the PUT), we generate a unique key, encrypt your data with the key, and then encrypt the key with a master key. For added protection, keys are stored in hosts that are separate and distinct from those used to store your data. 


chef.vim is plugin which make it easy for

-jump between attributes and recipes

-jump between LWRP's providers and resources

-open recipes by extract filename from include_recipe

-open templates and files

-jump to attributes

-jump to definition

-jump to LWRP



Stats! { 'collaborators' => 16, 'downloads' => 245,745, 'forks' => 260, 

'open_issues' => 13, 'watchers' => 1521 }

-MVP! Patrick Debois 




How Ruby is beating Python in the battle for the Soul of System Administration

- In many ways it is the love child of perl and smalltalk.

  • Ruby's greatest strength is its amazing flexibility.
  • Python intentionally has minimal magic. It's greatest strengths are the best practices it enforces across its community.


-For CM, you missed bcfg2 which is written in Python.




Using Chef to Customize Multi-Node Cloud Foundry Deployments


Chef-Solo Install


LEAN STARTUP, by Eric Ries


Operations is a Strategic Weapon (PuppetConf)


OpenStack Diablo is a Quantum Leap for Open Source Cloud

-Web-based dashboard for managing and provisioning OpenStack-based clouds.



HBase @ Facebook

-25 TB per month of msgs and Chat data... 

-Previously stored in Mysql

-Looking for a system with high wrote throughput with good reads... 

-Ironic because they actually invented Cassandra..

-Need to scale gracefully... 


Riak 1.0 Is Officially Released!



This package is to make deployment and testing of mod_security easier with chef. Right now it centers entirely around the OWASP Core Rule Sets of mod_security rules. In future, it will allow you to manage/deploy custom rule/rulesets of your own.


DevOps is DOA

Engine Yard co-founder Tom Mornini weighs in on whether #PaaS is the #DevOps killer. Hmmm.

Also CA.. 


Gartner Says Worldwide Platform as a Service Revenue is on Pace to Reach $707.4 Million in 2011

Worldwide platform as a service (PaaS) revenue is on pace to reach $707.4 million in 2011, up from $512.4 million in 2010, according to Gartner, Inc. The market will experience consistent growth with worldwide PaaS revenue totaling $1.8 billion in 2015.

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John and Damon venture to the Pacific Northwest for PuppetConf in Portland, OR. Joining them live onstage is a panel of Puppet Labs senior executives: Luke Kanies (CEO), Scott Johnston (Marketing), James Turnbull (Technical Operations), Teyo Tyree (Business Development).

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Hack Day in China...

Minimalist pipeline.. CI loop, CD model... 

Customer was Centos based.... 

SVN,Jenkins, Rundeck, JBoss and Mysql... (5 Servers).  

Due to cultural differences....

Make a change to the code and see the CI loop, delivery loop take place.  

The do a Roll back....

Talk about Rundeck and the mechanics - Jenkins Rundeck Plugin.  Drives the rundeck job automatically.  Also Rundeck pulls the latest, last and history of builds.  

Normally we would use Chef or Puppet on the back end of Rundeck... 

Point about manual vs automated process


A Contentious Question by Chris Hoff (@beaker)

Contentios question by @beaker.. no,  Actually if you guys don’t follow @beaker you should.  He is our #devops mirror for networking and security (imho).  He tried to keep us honest...

“Given the recent influx of virtual networking solutions, many of which are OpenFlow-based, what possible in-roads and value can they hope to offer in heavily virtualized enterprise environments wherein the virtual networking is owned and controlled by VMware?”

Specifically, if the only third-party VMware virtual switch to date is Cisco’s and access to this platform is limited (if at all available) to startup players, how on Earth do BigSwitch, Nicira, vCider, etc. plan to insert themselves into an already contentious environment effectively doing mindshare and relevance battle with the likes of mainline infrastructure networking giants and VMware?

If you’re answer is “OpenFlow and OpenStack will enable this access,...

Not meaning to piss anyone off, but many of these startups’ business plans are shrouded in the mystical vail of “wait and see.”


Pro Puppet [Kindle Edition]


Ask about BigDrops?

 Learning and Hadoop

September 2011 – HUG– Atlanta, GA

Machine Learning With Hadoop

Josh Patterson | Sr Solution Architect

Open source work at


After the refining process, one barrel of crude oil yielded more than 40% gasoline and only 3% kerosene, creating large quantities of waste gasoline for disposal.”

--- Excerpt from the book “The American Gas Station”

Hadoop Today: The Oil Industry Circa 1900

Digital universe grew by 62% last year to 800K petabytes and will grow to 1.2 “zettabytes” this year

Speed @ Scale is the new Killer App

Results in that previously took 1 day to process can gain new value when created in 10 minutes.

ML Focused on in Mahout

An algorithm that looks at a user’s past actions and suggests




What is time series data?

What is ISAX Lumberyard?


Packages For Hadoop


UDFs in Pig

used at LinkedIn in many of off-line workflows for data derived products

"People You May Know”





Hadoop Not Good At in Data Mining

We’ve talked about this before with twitter's storm...

Not everything fits great in MapReduce

Mahout as evidence of this


Common Challenges in DevOps Change Management

Matt Ray

Starts out with meat and potato .. everything in source control

Talks about spiceweasel .. yaml or jason..

Think roles not nodes... nodes can be ephemeral.. 

Start from scratch don’t reuse nodes...

Don’t hard code IP addresses .. m&p

Golden mages are an anti-pattern.  <The don’t have to be...


Three Drunk in SysAdmins....

Continuous Delivery of Server Configurations


Puppet, Git, Mcollective,Jeninks,and Capistrano

Three part series... 



Announcing the MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS)

MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) to the public for free. MMS is a SaaS based tool that monitors your MongoDB cluster and makes it easy for you to see what’s going on in a production deployment.


Devops Chicago and Devops Camp

Interview w/Martin J. Logan

Oct 22 - 23 in Chicago

Camp Devops 


Devopsdays Goteborg 2011

The conference will be a two day event on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 of October 2011

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Gartner Cites Application Release Automation Tools as Key to DevOps

So many things wrong with this...   (ARA) Nolio 

 As an emerging movement, DevOps may have improved communication and collaboration between development and IT operations teams but it still hasn’t absolutely mastered its ultimate goal of unifying their work. 

 In his report, Ronni J. Colville argues that DevOps can be greatly enhanced by the use of application release automation (ARA) tools and specifically cites Nolio as one such solution.

Can tools help “Cuture”  this question was asked at Puppetconf w/Luke... 

Visibility also requires the establishment of a model of the application and its configuration for each environment. ARA tools can provide a mechanism to create application models for each environment, with externalized configuration settings that typically vary by environment.


Selenium and Nagios

I've implemented a Nagios check for Selenium test cases. With this check it is possible to put your recorded test cases from your Selenium IDE into Nagios to use them for monitoring.

Test-->Selenium IDE-->Export-->check_selenium (nagios plugin)-->Selenium Remote Control


DevOps in Milliseconds

AppNexus engineers have it good. 

They don’t lie awake at night wondering if we can handle the next increase of impressions. 

They don’t worry that our systems are down and we don’t know it. 

They don’t develop in a bubble, toss their code over the wall to a mysterious group of people, and wash their hands clean.

Monitoring: Nagios - 1200 services

Metrics: Graphite - 1 million datapoints every minute.

Nagios plugin that queries Graphite and alerts if values of certain metrics go above or below specified thresholds.

Deployment: Puppet and Maestro

Puppet backed by a MySQL database and fronted by an in-house application we call Maestro.

At AppNexus there is no wall between engineers and operations, and automation is crucial to scaling our infrasctructure. 

Engineers control their own destiny, and we give them the tools to dive deep into production problems and give them tools to dive deep into production problems, make fixes, and improve their products as quickly as they can code.


CI vs Zombies

Runaway builds.

--A runaway build occurs when not all processes created by the build exit cleanly. 

--Zombies – may hang the build, or simply stay around in the background waiting to wreak havoc. 

--They interfere with test isolation. If processes can hang around from an earlier build (or earlier test within the same build) they may affect unrelated tests.

--difficult-to-diagnose failures.

-- eventually leading to exhaustion.

--Manual intervention is required to kill them and clean up. 


Openstack Compute API v1.1 support

Implement fog support for the Openstack Compute API v1.1. Includes support for legacy v1.0 style auth and v2.0 keystone auth.


Mean time to pretty chart- DevOps meets data porn

Alex Benik is a principal at Battery Ventures. Battery Ventures is an investor in DataDog and Tracelytics. 

The current mantra in Web operations is to track, record and monitor everything. Data is valuable and storage is cheap.

Favorite Velocity  John Rauser at Amazon and Kellan Elliot-McCrea from Etsy.

Mean Time to Pretty Chart (MTPC). For full buzzword compliance, let’s say that WebOps + BigData + Information/Graphic Design = MTPC.

MTPC attempts to quantify the amount of time required to determine the root cause of an operational issue and depict it in an eye-catching way. The MTPC metric is challenging because it encompasses a number of challenges spanning large volumes of data acquisition, storage, correlation and design/representation.

A highly incomplete list of relevant commercial and open source tools would include Ganglia, Nagios, Cati, Graphite, Munin, Splunk, New Relic, Tracelytics (see disclosure), DataDog (see disclosure), and AppDynamics.

Enter the Data Scientist. While correlation doesn’t imply causation, with large enough sample sizes the old adage “where there is smoke there is usually fire” often applies. When you can visualize that smoke in a pretty chart, it’s easier to pinpoint the fire.


Jesse Robbins interview on DevOps Cafe #19 (w/ full transcript!)

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Puppet Conf Recap ...

Great show.. first class.. venue, food, content...

“Operations as a Strategic Weapon”

Damon and I did our combined talks right after Luke’s Keynote.  I thought we rocked.  They will be posting the videos

Devops Cafe Roundtable with Luke, Teyo, James and Scott  ..

Basically the management team at Puppet Labs

Scott story about joining Puppetlabs... His Loudcloud experience. 

Damon killed.  We talked about Service Orchestration, PaaS, culture patterns.. great stuff... We will post the audio on Devops Cafe site and the Video should be up in a week or two...


Puppet Enterprise 2.0

A lot of new integration with Mcollective and the GUI...

New GUI, right out-of-the-box PE 2.0 automatically discovers all resources – packages, hosts, groups, and users.  Uses Mcollective to discover. 

Visually Clone Resources To Scale Quickly, Efficiently, and Reliably(From the GUI)

With PE 2.0’s new  compliance capability, you now can visually monitor for any unauthorized changes against your desired-state baseline. Can run compliance reports once a day and watch for changing trends...  Give auditors GUI control to see what they need to see...

PE 2.0’s new provisioning capability allows you to quickly and easily create new instances of VMware and Amazon EC2.  KInd of like “Knife” with the added bare metal sauce... 


“Operating at Scale”

Pedro Canahuati

SRE Manager... 

Dealing with issues at “SCALE” and I mean scale....

Switched from XEN to LXC to to overhead at scale...

Been using cFengine for years... About to change to Chef or Puppet.. Looking at both. 

All the #devops thing are going on at FB  CD, Agile in operations, collect and store everything.  Like Google, they had to build a lot of their own stuff.  

They build there own TSDB kind of like Opentsdb.  They have built there own monitoring framework, looking framework (they use Scribe).

ODS tool the abstracts and visualizes all events (very cool) 

I was able to talk to Pedro at the speakers dinner and the following day.  I am a junkie and groupie for guys like this and stuff like .. we talked about CEP and monitoring.  Also about Chef and Puppet.  


Beyond the Node: Arkestration with Noah

John Vincent


Puppet and Juju, scaling the cloud

Marc Cluet & Adam Gandelman

These boys showed up to a gin fight with a knife... 

Slideware of how you can use puppet and Juju together.  I am not a mean guy unless you propose something that you can’t explain in a presentation...

Split brain... Needs to be a hackday .. talked to Dan Bodie about this... Interesting...


Mårten Mickos


CEO Eucalyptus

Great presentation... Talked about what the cloud has done to operations.  Also acknowledges cloud needs devops.... 

My Zing question ... great answer....

We also had some one on one podcasts with the Redhat guys about Openshift and how it works.  

Ended up with an interview with Jay Lyman of 451 group... Post on DTO....

Oh yeah  on the way to have drinks with Gene KIm I got to get my picture talked with Merle Haggard.  

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Goteborg 2011 - program

Friday 14 October and Saturday

Yours truly doing the keynote...


Announcing Xeround Cloud Database API

Xeround is an elastic, always-on database-as-a-service
for your MySQL applications.

AWS, Rackspce and Heroku

Benchmarks against an RDS Large at  $0.44 vs the $0.08 standard instance Xeround


How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub

Everyone can push, everyone can deploy 

Master is always deployable

Deploy 10 to 40 times a day

Pull requests are our code review

Master -> Branch -> Pull request -> Master

Pull requests are RAD no meeting, email is your interface, non techs get involved

Culture...   Hack days... make things fun... 

Hubot, our valiant Campfire bot, has continued to grow in complexity. A tiny list of his (current) capabilities:

-unlock the door to our office

-print out a list of the people currently in the office based on their wifi presence

-find an apartment in the area to rent

-deploy GitHub

-say an arbitrary string over the office speakers

-play an audio sample of deadmau5 to everyone through hacked Propane HTML5

-give you a quote from any movie or TV show

-tell you the build status of any git branch

-track and map packages

-SMS any GitHubber from Campfire

-embed a seven day weather forecast


PuppetConf as a Service (PCaaS): Sign up for the Free Live Stream

Mårten Mickos

SRE’s from Facebook and Google

John Vincent @lusis Noah dude

Luke of course

Adrian Cole jClouds

Chad Metcalf Cloudera

Jinesh Varia AWS

Mark Hinkle @mrhinkle


Puppet Change Management for DevOps

What is Puppet?

At Atlassian, we use Puppet extensively with our internal systems, our Hosted products, and our build engineering infrastructure. Here's how we do it in build engineering.

Jira, Bamboo,  Greenhopper Rapid Board

Bamboo with puppet...


IBM Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) -

From September 12 – November 11, you can provision select virtual machines at the Toronto, Ehningen, Tokyo and Singapore IBM SmartCloud data centers—subject to availability—at no charge. You can access:

Virtual machines to run Linux® (Red Hat or Novell SUSE) or Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003/2008

1 block (256 gigabytes) of persistent storage


DataStax gets $11M, fuses NoSQL and Hadoop

Brisk, Hadoop based on Cassandra

Neo raises $10.6M for Neo4j as graph DBs take off


Building Scalable Systems: an Asynchronous Approach

Node.js and rabittMQ

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John and Damon are back with a long form interview with Jesse Robbins of Opscode and Amazon fame.

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