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Interview with Luke Kanies (Puppet Labs) about history of Infrastructure as Code and DevOps movements.

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Live from London it's the DevOps Roundtable with Julian Simpson, Chris Read, Stephen Nelson-Smith, Phil Dixon, Robert Cowham, John Willis, and Damon Edwards. See the video version at

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John reports on his DevOps Days Hamburg experiences. DevOps Manifesto discussion. Listener mail/comments. 

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John and Damon interview some of the world class speakers assembled for the Cloud2Days / Java2Days conferences. Show notes at

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John and Damon read mail and comments from listeners; Interview with Stephen Nelson-Smith from the upcoming DevOps Days Hamburg Conference; Interview with Emo Abadjiev from the upcoming Java2Days / Cloud2Days Conferences

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Patrick Debois, who we have to thank for the term DevOps, joins us live from Belgium. We talk about the origins of the DevOps movement, recent and upcoming events, and difficulties with DevOps evangelism.

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Episode 2 featuring is now available at In this continuing video series, John and Damon visit companies and get those companies to to open up and show the tools and processes that they are using to solve their DevOps problems. 

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Bringing Agile to Operations. Interview with Ernest Mueller.

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The Visible Ops authors stop by the DevOps Cafe. We talk about the history, present, and future of their efforts to improve how IT runs.

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John and Damon are back from vacation and dig into various topics including the IT Philharmonic presentation from Velocity and OSCON. Guests return next episode.
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