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DevOps Cafe hosted by John Willis and Damon Edwards

Triggered by Google Next 2018, John and Damon chat with Joseph Jacks (stealth startup) and Ben Kehoe (iRobot) about their public disagreements — and agreements — about Kubernetes and Serverless. 

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John and Damon chat with J.Paul Reed (Release Engineering Approaches) about the field of Systems Safety and Human Factors that studies why accidents happen and how to minimize the occurrence and impact.

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A new season of DevOps Cafe is here. The topic of this episode is "DevSecOps." Damon interviews John about what this term means, why it matters now, and the overall state of security. 

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John and Damon chat with Randy Shoup (Stitch Fix) about what he's learned building high-scale systems and teams through multiple generations of technology and practices... and how he is doing it again today.

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John and Damon chat with Barbara Bouldin about her first-hand view of the good -- and the ugly -- through the past few decades of the technology industry. From Bell Labs to the breakup of AT&T ("Ma Bell") to enterprise software to transforming government agencies today, Barbara's journey has been an interesting one.

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Alan Shimel ( joins John and Damon for a freewheeling conversation that draws connections between DevOps transformations and Alan's background in the security, investment, and publishing industries. 

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Patrick Chanezon (Docker) chats with John and Damon about trends that are changing how Developers work.

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John and Damon chat with Kelsey Hightower (Google) about the future of Operations, Kubernetes, Docker, containers, self-learning, and more!

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John and Damon pick Courtney Kissler’s brain (Starbucks) on the techniques that enable her to be a hands-on technology leader with a track record for getting teams to find and fix what is getting in the way.

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James Turnbull joins John and Damon to chat about monitoring, automation, and the changing art of operations. In addition to his current work as a practitioner (Kickstarter) and past as vendor (Puppet Labs), you might also have read some of James's popular books on Monitoring, Puppet, Logstash, Docker, and Linux.

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